World’s 1st voxel-level 3D printing of multi-material, multi-color, multi-functional end-use parts and products.


A new printing paradigm

Quantica 3D jetting technology for ultra-high-performance materials enables the printing of multi-material products and parts that have never been possible before.


High-Performance Materials

Extreme Viscosity Jetting allows us to deliver quality end parts.

Combined Materials

Multi-Material Printing

Combining materials at voxel-level to create high value products.


Perfect Workflow

Minimal post processing, high productivity.


Application and Material Development Printer

Quantica’s in-house developed printing system is now available for selected researchers and industrial companies wanting to develop ultra high viscosity, multi-material applications.

technology platform

We believe the future of additive manufacturing will be driven by combining high-performance materials to print high-value products in one simple workflow.

logo quantica

Ultra-high viscosity jetting will fundamentally advance the printing of high-value products for complex applications in the future.

Photo real 3D models

Multi-material dental parts

Metal, Ceramic, Glass objects

Printed electronics

Printed displays

Printing optical parts

Bio and organ printing

technology platform

Over 4 years we developed a novel printhead technology for ejecting fluids with extremely high viscosities for additive manufacturing applications.

Our technology is a complete paradigm shift in terms of working principles.

15x higher viscosity liquids open up an application space inaccessible to legacy technology.


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