at Quantica

Senior Full Stack Developer

Quantica’s novel printhead technology empowers and enables professionals to produce objects that are functional, full-color, multi-material, and true to nature.

Our small software team is looking for support in building the software that powers our next generation of 3D inkjet printers. Our software orchestrates the execution of the print – it is the interface between the users and the firmware and hardware from which the printer is built. It is built with Nest, Angular and deployed with Docker.

We are convinced that doing things right is the fastest way to build an excellent product. This is why we keep implementations simple, properly define the responsibilities of code components and avoid the accumulation of technical debt. We’d rather refactor or rewrite than try to maintain an ever growing monolith. We’re fans of useful methods where and when they’re needed while staying away from rigid processes that pose the danger of becoming an end in themselves. 

We create small and useful features in quick iterations, while constantly evolving the technology and algorithms that drive the complex system that is our 3D printer.

You’ll become part of a team of young and motivated developers, embedded in a larger team of mechanical, electronic and firmware engineers. Enrich our team with your expertise in conceptualization and implementation, as well as your understanding of agile methodologies. Share and extend your knowledge while expanding our team and operation.




Interested? Then apply now with your CV, your possible start date and salary expectations! Marcel Strobel ( is your point of contact.

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