Our Printhead is the enabling technology

Our novel printhead technology was developed with 3D printing use cases and materials in mind.

Legacy printhead technology has inherent limitations due to originating in the 2D space.

By inventing and developing a new actuation principle from the ground up, we created a technology that can jet fluids no other technology is able to even approach.


Viscosity is no longer the limit in jetting


Quantica patented printhead enables ejecting material over 3000 mPas at room temperature or over 300 mPas at jetting temperature.

Higher viscosity materials enable engineering grade polymers, with complex oligomers, less toxic diluents, and better components.

Voxel-level droplet precision, controlled by an industry-leading print slicing engine.

Our next-generation printheads extend access to multi-material printing.

technology platform

To learn how we are able to eject SLA Resins and particle loaded materials right out of the bottle…

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